Scientist in Residence Program – Volunteer Guides

There are two activities that do not take place in the classroom.

Lab Day:
A number of stations are set up around the teaching lab.  Each undergraduate volunteer is responsible for the instruction at one station.  The school children spend about 20 minutes at each station and rotate through the stations.  Last session we had two classes.  While one class was in the lab the other went to the Beaty Museum.  After lunch the classes changed activities.

Contrasting Landscapes:
This activity was developed with funding from Outreach  in Science.  This is also done with two classses. while one class spends time in the forest, the other is given a tour with activities of the UBC Farm.  For the forest walk the elementary students are broken into small groups.  Each undergraduate assistant takes a group into the forest (staggered).  the groups meet at the end for a foodweb or matching game (age dependent).

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