Directed Studies

Biology 448 – Directed Studies: Research

Examples of Projects:

Study of Anatomy of Psilotum – Including the investigation of mycorrhizae and Scanning Electron Microscopy of reproductive structures (report in the form of website for additon to Biol 210 course site)
Ecological Study of Garry Oak Woodland, Vegetation Inventory
Antibiotic investigation of some plants commonly used in Chinese Herbal Medicine (report in a wiki format).
Investigation of Germination of Bryophyte Spores and Propagules (Honours Project for Forestry)

 Biology 448 – Directed Studies: Peer Teaching

Many undergraduates develop expertise in areas of plant biology. The peer teaching directed studies provides students experience in classroom teaching. In Biology 209, 210, and 321 undergraduate students are mentored by graduate teaching assistants and me. This is rewarding for all; the contributions made by the undergraduates are invaluable as they bring the student perspective to the course.

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