For this assignment (worth 25% of your grade), you are to sign up with Wikipedia, creating an account and acquiring a username, and in groups of three or four collaboratively work on revising a Wikipedia article relevant to the course topic.

After you have signed up to Wikipedia, and learned the basics of editing, your first step will be to evaluate the current state of the article, using Wikipedia’s own guidelines. Collectively, you will identify its flaws and draw up a plan to improve the article. This will be worth 5%.

Then your aim is to improve your article sufficiently so it is equivalent to at least “good article,” and ideally even “featured article,” status.

Your short research assignment will also feed into the Wikipedia project.


Of the 25% of your grade dedicated to this project, 5% is attached to your collective evaluation of the article and plan for improvement. Of the remaining 20%, half will be decided by your fellow group-members. The other half will be decided either by me, or (if you have gained “good article” or “featured article” status) by your objective improvements to the article.

Go to our Wikipedia project page.

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