Goal Setting Reflection

This first journal asks you to set individual goals as you embark on this experience. This is an ideal time to pause and articulate personal, academic, and professional goals that you hope to achieve by the end of the course. This intentional creation of personal learning goals will help you to more fully collaborate with your partner while taking an active role in your own learning. Below are some guiding questions that you might find useful in writing one of each type of goal. Instead of simply listing the goal, provide some background/context to make it clear why this goal is important to you. Setting goals that are achievable within the frame of the course is important. Consider how you will know if you’ve achieved them.  What will that look like to you? 


  • How might this experience inform my identity as an artist and/or arts professional?
  • What personal characteristics do I hope to better understand and develop through this experience?


  • What histories, theories or models do I hope to learn more about?
  • What knowledge do I hope to gain about studio practice?


  • What skills do I hope to gain through this experience that will help me in my art (or future) career?
  • How can I ensure this experience allows me to gain the skills I need to embark on a career in the arts?