First Year Implementation

Integration of a learning portfolio in the CAP/BMS Media Studies first year cohort stream started in 2016.  The TLEF supported career outcomes project Educational and Career Outcomes for UBC Arts Students:  Towards a New Paradigm aligned well with the cohort learning model of the Coordinated Arts, first year media studies stream (partially first year Bachelor of Media Studies) program and my identified teaching goals of:

  • transformative learning, wherein individual students activate a cognitive restructuring and integration of experiences, actions, artifacts and structured reflection (Mezirow, 1990, 2000)
  • distinguishing and articulating disciplinary methods, overlaps and differences, and how to best use disciplinary viewpoints in the interdisciplinary subject of media studies
  • cultivate student mindfulness of online self-representation and personal agency, both as a critical dissection of enacting course content of media literacy, but also generative/productive ways one can occupy online spaces by personalizing tools

Initial Learning Portfolio Curriculum 2017

In light of these goals, decisions on tools, and curriculum was created in collaboration with Letitia Henville, PhD Educational Programmer of the UBC Arts ePortfolio project, that would target literacy within this domain and overall reflective practices enabling students to make connections, and distinguish contrasts of their learning, while also critically assessing what certain decisions impose on personal agency, applied in execution of making their own spaces.  The addition to the curriculum was delivered in the January-April term of 2017, of which survey assessments, instructor meetings, student inquiries and my own personal teaching reflection led to revisions in the curriculum for the January-April 2018 rendition of the course.

ASSIGNMENT Multiple components work up to the final ePortfolio creation. The following links contain explanations, prompts and rubrics.

STUDENT WORK 2017 Selection of ePorfolios from the Media Studies stream, first year Digital Arts class