Curriculum Development

In 2014, I served as the Undergraduate Advisor for studio Visual Art (VISA). In our department, this position not only performs administrative and managerial duties, but also acts to advance curriculum development in a leadership position. During my time in this role, I chose to lead the studio side of the department towards better-identified degree outcomes, including curriculum mapping and revising. I also collaborated with the Department of Theatre and Film as we embarked upon a revision of Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA) degree requirements. Eventually the Department of Creative Writing—the third and final BFA granting program at UBC Vancouver—also came on board as a part of the proposals that we put forward. As a result, I played an active role in implementing some of the biggest changes at a degree and program level that the department has ever seen. The following is selected summary of what I accomplished with live links to further information on each component.

*Example links to syllabi are provided on for courses in which I was the sole author, or developed a team-teaching structure.