Mid-Term Mapping

By mid-term, students were expected to reflect on the ePortfolio viewing and assessment, and garner the objectives and priorities that they wished to meet in their own.  The following mid-term check was administered partially using a Learning Management System (Connect Test) and the final component was to be brought into class for further discussion and consultation with their peer’s and the TA for the class.

By the end of the semester, you will have an ePortfolio of your own. Consider how you might apply what you’ve learned from looking and evaluating ePortfolios to your own practice. (8 marks)

  • What patterns in your selected aspect can be noticed across all the ePortfolios, and why might these patterns be important to pay attention to?
  • What is normative in relation to your aspect of an ePortfolio?
  • What purpose does your aspect of ePortfolios serve?
  • What do you regard to be conventional about this aspect of your ePortfolio—that is, what do all or most ePortfolios do?
  • Where and how should a student in the Media Studies conform to—or deviate from—the patterns, norms or conventions associated with your selected aspect?
  • How will you use your ePortfolio?
  • What might you add to your ePortfolio from your experiences outside of VISA110?
  • Who will be the intended audience of your ePortfolio? What might be your purpose?

Please set up and indicate your ePortfolio URL.  Note: if you are concerned about privacy, please select Level 3, 4, or 5 on the privacy settings. If you choose Level 4 or 5, ensure that you have added Christine and your TA so that they can see your site. Do not password protect any particular page on your site.  (2 marks)

Technical Support
There is technical support you if you are using wordpress in blogs.ubc.ca, but you may also use other site and hosting systems.  Please review the following support systems already in place:   (These links are also available on Appendix B – module “Extra Resources” and in the ePortfolio project description)

This component is due February 27 or 28th at the start of your lab class time.  (10 marks)
Considering your answers above, please outline how you wish to organize your site.  Please bring a (hardcopy/printed) hand drawn or computer illustrated “web-site site map” diagram of how you wish for your ePortfolio to be structured.  This intricate and detailed map will indicate the various areas you wish to add to your site, and how the site will function through its navigation.  It can be a multi-level site (with different pages) or it can be a one-page site (much like a blog) with other index formats, such as keyword clouds, etc…  Of course, it can also be a combination of both.  Also bring in samples to further explain components of your site.  While technology help and free hosting is available through UBC’s wordPress format, you may also use other formats.  Please indicate the technology or software or scirpting you will be using to set up your page if it is something other than wordPress and not on UBC’s Blogs.Please set up the page as you would like to set up a personal structure of examples of your learning applicable to who you are and what you present.  This site is about you, let it represent you!On your site-map, please include:

  • How navigation will be structured for the site, the map should be a visual layout
  • This map should also show “how many clicks” or inter-weaved links between your pages or areas indicated by arrows/lines
  • All pages/posts and page formatting you plan to use
  • If you wish to use tags and keywords, please indicate your system towards indexing/links (provide a design sample of these areas)
  • Semantics of heading, titles, tags/keywords – section names and wording 
    Choose useful names for your pages—names that demonstrate your awareness that your ePortfolio may be viewed by someone who has never taken the Media Studies.  Please indicate the exact words you wish to use.
  • Demonstrate ways in which you will describe yourself or have visitors understand who you are, where these indicators will be on your page (for example:  cv, resume, bio, statement, interests, etc…)
  • All work samples you wish to have on your ePortfolio and how you will describe them, or information you will include with each.  Please have at least 3 works in any medium/form such as; scholarly writing, journalistic writing, creative writing, film, time based work, images, comics, animations, design, interactive work, coding, etc…  —there is no maximum!
  • A sample of considered fonts and colour palette and header/background images or patterns/textures
  • Please also indicate themes you are considering using and how you might alter them.
  • And/or please indicate how you will be visually displaying your page layout in this map and how that will change due to what device it is being displayed on
  • Bring this site map with you to your lab section class on February 27th or 28th for the start of class.