New Courses Developed

Over the last five years, the Visual Arts and BFA curriculum and degree revisions resulted in a number of new courses for my program. The following list summarizes the courses I’ve developed or co-developed since 2013:

  • VISA 101: “BFA Studio”  (link)
    This team-taught course introduces a cohort of first-year Bachelor of Fine Arts VISA students to a broad range of contemporary studio practices. 
  • VISA 280: “Ideas and Practice II”
    Developed with Associate Professor Gareth James, this course connects first- and third-year theory classes. Students learn the history of contemporary art practice, with a focus on how ideas are realized and exchanged among artists. 
  • VISA 375: “Artists in Society”  (link)
    After two years of integrating experiential learning in other classes, this course explores artistic practice through community-engaged partnerships and critical study. 
  • VISA 475: “Exhibition Theory and Practice”
    In consultation with colleague Lecturer Phillip McCrum, this course follows VISA 375 as an exhibition course focused on current curatorial practices and theories with an emphasis on contemporary visual art. VISA 475 prepares students to organize a large exhibition.

I’ve provided links to VISA 101 & 375 as they were developed completely by me.