Teaching Excellence

Teaching Excellence gives context of my work in the classroom including pedagogical initiatives, and focuses on a selection of my teaching tactics for active learning, the use of technology, collaboration and reflection.

The following outlines the ways my teaching excellence is made tangible. I explain my teaching philosophy in theoretical terms, followed by a section on contextualization of my role in the department, with a digital art research focus area. I further demonstrate with examples of pedagogically innovative methods in action; active learning and utilizing technology, connection to community and reflective practices for criticality and informing personal agency, for students and in my own teaching practices.

Killam Teaching Prize

In 2018 I was honoured with a UBC Killam Teaching Prize. While the nomination package is confidential, a summary, read at the May 16 2018 Faculty of Arts Meeting and the May 23 2018 Convocation ceremony, indicates excerpts of the nomination:

For students at every level, Christine D’Onofrio’s teaching is “superlative: innovative, rigorous, and empathetic,” and her ability to share her expertise in critical studio practice is termed “legendary” by her colleagues. She extends teaching beyond the classroom in ways that have changed both her department’s teaching culture and students’ lives. She literally expands students’ horizons by leading Go Global programs to study art in New York City and Venice. She has been a leader in UBC’s movements toward innovative teaching, blending online and in-class approaches as well as in working beyond conventional classroom spaces, like creating “Artists in Society.”

These excerpts can attest to the lasting impacts my initiatives have had both in my Lecturer and Instructor position over the last ten years.