Analysis Presentation

A 10-12 minute Analysis Group Presentation was required for each group.

Directions: As a group, present a synthesis of what you have learned about ePortfolios through your examination of your three example websites. Focus on (a) describing the patterns, norms, or conventions that you have discovered; (b) analyzing the significance of your discoveries; and (c) proposing how what you have discovered should be applied in the context of your academic program. The purpose of your presentation is not to describe or summarize what each ePortfolio does in terms of each of its aspects, one after another. Instead, your presentation should focus on the norms that you have identified; in doing so, you may draw on any of the three sample ePortfoios to show an example of what these norms look like in practice. Be selective with your use of examples, using them to illustrate your analytical claims.

Assessment: The presentation will be graded holistically, based on your:

1. clarify and efficacy in your presentation;

2. ability to meet the two goals identified above;

3. critical engagement with the five ePortfolio aspects identified above.

Your presentation will be graded as a group, therefore the same grade for all.


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