In the University

I am committed to the larger intellectual enterprise of the institution and lend my service to many committees outside of the Art History, VISA and Theory Department.

I have been active in supporting the Bachelor of Media Studies program since its first cohort in 2014. My contributions began with my role on the executive committee, in which I contributed to discussions about the first year experiential learning component, and aided faculty (notably in Creative Writing) to include engaged pedagogy in their upper-level courses. Since 2016, I have been focused on the curriculum committee, which is assessing program’s structure. I reviewed the curriculum and syllabi extensively, made suggestions for improvement, and participated in generative discussions about the degree. I am also on the admissions committee for the BMS, which receives 300-400 applications per year, of which I view approximately 70 portfolios. I am known for my willingness to address student concerns. For instance, this year, we sought the input on the first graduating year of the program on their experience. I heard that they expressed that they weren’t sure how to communicate their degree to the professional world, and so I volunteered to conduct a workshop on career thinking. I researched, created, and organized a 2½-hour workshop that took place in April 2018, during which I lead the student participants through exercises to approach post-graduation goals.

  • The workshop outline and an excerpt of student participation is available here.

My vast experience and sense of fulfillment in curriculum development, design, revisions and assessment has continued through my membership on the Arts Curriculum Committee. Going into my second year in Fall 2018, we review proposals for both new and revised programs and courses, give feedback or opens up areas for clarity and communication. We serve as a check-point before proposals go to senate.