In the Department

An active member in administrative and management duties in my department, I contribute to a number of committees in the department; admissions, hiring, jurying, undergraduate. I am dedicated to these parts of the running of the department, and take these duties as serious opportunities to continually improve the program. I am present in the lives of many of my students and alumni in their most celebratory moments—attending openings and events, supporting initiatives outside the class. I write an estimated 30+ references every year for undergraduates applying for second-year entry programs, scholarships, graduate programs, residencies, and other funding, as well as for former TAs seeking academic jobs.

In 2013–2016, I served as Head of the Undergraduate Committee and the Undergraduate Advisor for studio VISA. As an advisor, I oversaw general undergraduate duties, including transfer and study abroad credit articulations, the process of graduating students, and recruitment activities, including two three-day transfer articulation meetings with other institutions. As the advisor, I worked closely with students going through difficult situations—personal emergencies, mental illnesses, difficulties with roommates, and so on. I attended to these cases with patience and care, resolving them in professional as well as compassionate ways, and actively opened access or guided students to the many UBC resources available. I have spent many years as a committee member on the undergraduate committee, and will continue to do so.

Finally, I actively instigate opportunities for our students and alumni, and acknowledgements to the various accomplishments of our staff and faculty in written, facilitation and a curatorial capacities.  Namely:

2019 AHVA Gallery …we can know more than we can tell… Curator, Vancouver BC
2013 AHVA Gallery The Idiot of Nature Curator, Vancouver BC
2011 AHVA Gallery Marijke Nap: Life Works Curator, Vancouver BC
2010 To the Institution of my Faculties Catalogue Foreword, Vancouver BC
2010 Curator, AHVA Gallery Initials Organizer, Vancouver BC
2009 Curator, AHVA Gallery What Matter Catalogue, Vancouver BC