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VISA 375 “Artists in Society” Schedule

Week 1 – September 12th – Introduction to the Course
Course overview, syllabus explanation of community engaged
learning (CBEL) project and introductory values assessment activity.  
Discussion: Homework:
  • Review of project postings
  • Values Assessment Activity
  • Review partnership project postings + application procedures.
  • Apply to postings.
Apply to selection of postings by September 15th at midnight.
Week 2 – September 19th –  Artist Run Culture
This week you will receive your partnership placement assignments.
We will create a plan of the first steps in the process, and brainstorm
materials to collect and present to the partners.  There will also be
a reading discussion on the assigned readings.
Discussion On/Required Reading: Homework:
  • Gabriele Detterer  The Spirit and Culture of Artist-Run Spaces in Artist Run Spaces:  Nonprofit Collective Organizations in the 1960s and 1970s p. 10-49
  • AA Bronson  The Humiliation of the Bureaucrat:  Artist-Run Centres as Museums by Artists first from Museums by artists (Available online: http://goodreads.timothycomeau.com/aabronson/)
  • Start a blog for your institute partnership.  The first “assignment” for the blog is to create an outline/plan for your partnership.  If you are working with another student on the same project, you will show how you will work on this together, and should be consulting on how the work will be divided as well as articulating how and why. Notify me if you need an extension as not all projects will be at this point just yet.  This is due October 3rd  on UBC blogs.  Please email me a link to your blog so that I can connect you to the main course. Please come up with three goals for yourself in regards to the project to be posted in your Connect Journal due October 3rd.
  • By October 24th, please prepare a five-minute presentation describing the mission, history, structure, programming, and other details of your partner institution.
  • There will be one presentation for each partnership institution/artist.  A one-page downloadable handout posted on your blog, as well as a summary of your institution/artist should accompany the presentation.

You must contact the gallery you have been paired with by September 21st

Week 3 – September 26th – Art in the Commercial System and International Art Events
Small presentation on art institutions.  In-class discussion on readings, commercial art galleries, Biennale’s, Fairs, and other international art events.  The last half hour will be used to complete a small “envelope” exercise.  
Discussion On/Required Reading:
  • Michael Turner Whose Business Is It?  Vancouver’s Commercial Galleries and the
    Production of Art in Vancouver Art & Economies p.205-218
  • Sarah Thornton The Fair in Seven Days in the Art World p.76-104

You should be researching and meeting with your partnership institution/artist and working out a plan.

Week 4 – October 3rd –  Guest Speaker & CBEL Reflection
Guest Speaker:  Naomi Sawada Reflective exercises examining CBEL experiences, knowledge sharing, etc…

Project outline/plan of attack on Blog & “Goals” in Connect Journal.

Week 5 – October 17th Art Writing & The Studio
In-class Activities with Art Writing Samples (Press Release, Magazine,Catalogue, Review, Statement, Didactics, Interview etc) intertwined with discussions on reading.  
Discussion On/Required Reading: Homework:
  • Alix Rule & David Levine  International Art English (Available here: http://www.canopycanopycanopy.com/contents/international_art_english)·
  • Daniel Buren Function of the Studio in Museums by artists p.61-67  (on Connect)
  • Prepare for being visited and conducting an artist studio visit for November 14th.  Prepare and have work ready to show, can be in process/sketch.  Prepare to view colleague’s work in a critical and rigorous lens, have questions ready, etc.
  • By the end of this term you are to have visited an artist of your choice and conduct a studio visit.  A reflection on the studio experiences of the course (both peer and professional) is due November 21st, in your Connect journal.

Week 6 – October 24th  – Partnership Presentations

You will all be presenting on your partnership institution or partnered artist.  Please give the class an understanding of the history, structure, mandate, exhibition models, artists associated, publications, events, etc…  of the gallery or artist.  The presentations are a maximum of 5 minutes, so be succinct, organized, and fast!  At the end of the class you will have time to discuss what each gallery’s role and what it means to the Vancouver Art community.  


5 minute Institutional Partner/Artist presentation, and summary, including 1 page downloadable information handout posted on your partnership blog.

Week 7 – October 31st – Guest Lecturers
Values Assessment Activity with Natalie & Kimberley

Week 8 –– November 7th  – The Artist’s Labour
Reading discussion followed by CBEL check in.  
Discussion On/Required Reading:
  • Andrea Fraser  It’s Art When I Say It’s Art, Or…  in Museum Highlights, the Writings of Andrea Fraser p.37-44 (On Connect)
  • Pascal Gielen The Murmuring of the Artistic Multitude:  Global Art, Memory and Post-Fordism p.12-32 (On Connect)
  • Turions, Cheyanne Youth in Revolt:  Precarious Labour, the Young Curator and Sectorial Burn Out in the Media Arts__https://cheyanneturions.wordpress.com/2013/11/17/1781/

Week 9 – November 14th – Peer Studio Visits
Today we will be conducting peer ‘visits’ or interviews.  Please prepare work or a portfolio for visitors to look at and for you to be able to look at your colleague’s work.  
Activity: Homework:
  • Studio Visits
  • Reflection on studio visits in Journal on Connect due next week.

Must be ready to visit and be visited, can include an artist statement, should have work, etc…  Questions and preparation for studio visits.

Week 10 – November 21st – Art & Activism Part 1
Small lecture on final expectations of the class.  Video screening “Enjoy Poverty”  
Suggested Reading: Homework:
  • Renzo Martens and Joe Penney ‘Enjoy Poverty’: Interview with Renzo Martens (Available here: http://africasacountry.com/poverty-for-sale/)
  • Creative Response for CBEL project due December 5th.
  • CBEL Project synopsis due December 7th on partnership blogs.
  • CBEL Final Reflections (online in Connect Journal) by midnight December 8th
  • CBEL Evaluations (self/peer) due by midnight December 8th

Studio visits review on Connect Journal

Week 11 – November 28th –  Art & Activism Part 2

Reading discussion followed by Value Assessment “Closing” activity.  
Discussion On/Required Reading:
  • Claire Bishop Antagonism and Relational Aesthetics in October 110, Fall 2004.  p.51-79 (Link available through Connect to UBC Library)·
  • Marcus Steinweg Art between Affirmation and Critique in Scandalous:  A Reader on Art and Ethics p.169-175 (on Connect)

Open House Celebration!  (December 5th)

CBEL open house and end of project celebration with community partners  


Present creative response works.


  • Creative Response Presentations due today in class for presentation. CBEL Project
  • Synopsis blog due December 7th.
  • Final Reflection and Peer/Self/Institutional Evaluation due December 8th.


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