In the Community

I am active member of the Vancouver and Canadian art communities, and—as discussed in other areas—regularly include my students and the institution in community projects and events. I served as the Board Secretary at the Access Gallery—a local gallery in Vancouver that focuses on emerging artists, between 2014-2016, where many of our new graduates show.

I have facilitated and hosted the yearly Art + Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon for Vancouver for the last four years.  The event, which started in New York, is a worldwide effort to encourage women to become editors on Wikipedia and to populate its reservoir of knowledge with female artists and contributors to culture. The highly successful Vancouver chapter has added 124 new articles on female artists and cultural contributors who are from or who have ties to Vancouver, many of whom are UBC alumni or current faculty members. I have become the media consult for media interviews with CBC Radio, CBC Arts Online and the Metro newspaper), broadcast to Ici-Radio-Canada Télé news hour.

Please click here to view a summary of the Vancouver events I facilitated.

My status among my peers in the art photography community has led me to serve as an external examiner on three Master of Applied Arts (MAA) graduate student theses defences and exhibition work because of my expertise on still and moving image production and theory, feminist and social justice theory and practice.