Breadth + Flexibility

A large part of my role in the department is foundation/first year level teaching of large classes consisting of lectures and teaching assistant conducted studio labs.  This specific foundation course has been expanded to the Coordinated Arts Program and is part of the first year curriculum for the new Bachelor of Media Studies degree. In my years teaching this course, I continuously integrate innovative and interactive teaching practices and curriculum design for effective first year student personal epistemology and learning, towards student success and ultimately high retention. A large part of this role depends on the facilitation and co-ordination of teaching assistant training, support and mentorship, advocating habits of reflection in their ongoing process of learning best practices of how to teach.

Over the years at UBC I have taught full course loads and sometimes more, of six to seven courses per year.  I teach in a variety of areas and types of classes, from large Foundation level studio in both material and immaterial practices, to studio theory courses and am able to teach various medium specific classes in-between. Overall, teaching in Visual Arts encapsulates more than distribution of knowledge.  When teaching, it is imperative that I create environments wherein vulnerability, self-reflection and a larger epistemological understanding of how one knows and functions in relationship to meaning and ideologies and ways to execute productively, is a large part of my process.

Courses Taught:

  • VISA 110 – Foundation Digital Arts
  • VISA 183 – Foundation Studio
  • VISA 210 – Digital Arts
  • VISA 240 – Photography
  • VISA 241 – Digital Photography
  • VISA 250 – Print Media 
  • VISA 310 – Intermediate Digital Arts I
  • VISA 311 – Intermediate Digital Arts II
  • VISA 375 – Artists in Society
  • VISA 380 – Studio Theory I
  • VISA 381 – Studio Seminar
  • VISA 401 – Advanced Open Studio
  • VISA 470 – Special Topics (GoGlobal course at the Venice Biennale)
  • VISA 480 – Advanced Seminar I
  • VISA 481 – Advanced Seminar II

Undergraduate Directed Studies

2008 Directed Study BSc student, Michael Bagg bridge capstone project with Visual Art
2009 Undergraduate Student Trip to New York – Organized and led 25 Visual Art and Art History 4th year Undergraduate Students on voluntary trip to New York Galleries and Museums.
2009 Directed Study with BFA Specialized Honours student, Holly Parmley
2013 Directed Study with BFA student, Diana Lupieri
2016 Directed Study with BSc/BFA student, Silver Burla
2018 Directed Study with BFA/BA student, Simranpreet Anand