Preliminary Assumptions

To begin thinking about ePortfolio’s, I had students engage in a ‘preliminary assumptions’ exercise of 250 words.  For ePortfolio evaluations purposes, students were also required to participate in an online survey.  The links were created in the Learning Management System (Connect) and due dates were for the second week of class.

Background: One of your major assignments over the course of the semester will involve examining and analyzing ePortfolios as a form, and then building an ePortfolio of your own.

Directions: Write 250 word discussion in which you describe what you believe an ePortfolio—an online portfolio of an individual’s work—should or might be. In your discussion, you should describe what you think the purpose or function of ePortfolios may be, the kinds of items they must or might contain, and their possible organization. You are not required to treat these three features of ePortfolios as if they are distinct from one another.

No research is required for this assignment. Instead, your role is to think about what you believe an ePortfolio should do or be, and describe this in as much detail as possible.

Assessment:  You will not be graded on your ability to accurately describe an ePortfolio (within reason), because we haven’t yet discussed them in class. Rather, the dual purposes of this assignment are to determine your current conception of this type of website, and to assess your written communication skills.

Your assignment will be graded according to the following rubric:


Purpose & Audience(s)
The assignment explores at least one purpose or function that ePortfolios serve. It considers the contexts in which ePortfolios may be used, and the audience(s) that ePortfolios address.

The assignment details the contents of an ePortfolio that seem necessary, and the content that seem optional. Concrete ideas that show originality and freshness support the claims. There is some consideration of why such content may be required or optional.

The assignment outlines the structure(s) of an ePortfolio, and reflects on the significance or importance of an organizational structure.


Clarity & Style
This assignment contains paragraphs and sentences that are well-written, varied, and sophisticated. The style and tone are appropriate for an academic context. The writing is clear, concise, and efficient. There are no digressions, repetitions, or irrelevancies. The paper is enjoyable and interesting.

Grammer & Spelling
Points allotted to proper grammar and spelling.

Note: You must complete the “ePortfolio Pre-Survey” first as you will be provided with a password to submit your homework