Problem-based Learning (PBL) Workshop for Teaching Assistants in LFS


Problem-based Learning (PBL) Workshop for TAs in LFS

Problem based learning (PBL) is a technique that prompts groups of students to carefully analyse a problem to determine what they need to start solving the problem. It requires a different skillset from ‘normal’ TAing.

Come join us for a morning to find out what PBL is, what makes it unique, and how you can succeed in serving as a TA in a PBL course.

While the workshop is designed to support TAs in PBL, all TAs are welcome to participate to enhance your teaching skill in learner-centered environment.

The workshop will be on Friday, September 7, from 9:30 am to 12:20 pm, in FNH Room 300. Registration is required. Please let us know your name, TA experience, and your goals for this workshop by completing this registration form.


you have any question about this workshop, please contact LFS Education Consultant, Judy Chan, at