synonymy: Biebersteinia emodi Jaub. & Spach

Common name:

Family: Geraniaceae

Information:  “Stony slopes; a high altitude alpine of Ladakh. 4300-5000m)” Polunin and Stainton 1999, p. 65); “A plant with a pleasant spicy odour. It has a superficial resemblance to some Potentillas. Found in dry rocky areas, scree slopes etc. from 4300-5600 m.” (MBG Flora of Pak. 2021).

Photos: K. Hewitt [location, date, elevation TBD]

Sources and additional resources:

Missouri Botanical Garden (2021). Biebersteinia odora Stephan ex Fischer. in Tropicos Flora of Pakistan. Online at: http://legacy.tropicos.org/Name/13900838?projectid=32. Accessed 8 Aug 2021.

Polunin, O. and A. Stainton (1999). Biebersteinia odora Stephan ex Fischer. Flowers of the Himalaya. Oxford University Press, Delhi. Entry 233 (p. 65; plate 20).