Supporting Self-advocacy of Students with Disabilities

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Students with disabilities often have an extra barrier of having to self-advocate to access the accommodations they are entitled to, leading to feelings of exclusion and reduced success and retention. This month’s Interesting Read provides practical actions that STEM instructors can take to support the self-advocacy of students with disabilities, encouraging their use of accommodations and promoting their sense of belonging.

(Note: The person-first language used here comes from the paper. We join the authors in acknowledging that this is not the preferred terminology of all individuals with disabilities.)

Pfeifer, M.A., Reiter, E.M., Cordero, J.J., Stanton, J.D. (2021). Inside and Out: Factors That Support and Hinder the Self-Advocacy of Undergraduates with ADHD and/or Specific Learning Disabilities in STEM. CBE—Life Sciences Education, 20:2

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