Advice Overload!

It seems like we are constantly surrounded by advice these days. Gone are the days of simply avoiding social situations that may subject us to advice from those we would rather not listen to.  Now, if you are not hiding under a Social Media Rock, you are reading about best health practices, best recipes, best learning strategies, best teaching approaches, best, best, best… Best blogs?

Welcome to my blog!  While I don’t promise “Best Anything”, I do promise that I will type freely, non-pretentiously, and from my own experience. I don’t pretend to think that my truth is anyone else’s, however, if anyone reading this (forced or otherwise) can walk away with something to think about, something to feel good about, or something to laugh about, I suppose my job is done!

On the topic of advice, the header of my blog is a photo from a day in homeroom last year.  I was running behind and still had to change into my work clothes from my cycling clothes, so I asked the Grade 12s to take over while I got changed.  They decided to give the younger members of our homeroom some parting advice to help them navigate through their high school years.  Although watching Breaking Bad from start to finish may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I very much agree that it’s OK to cry at school and to branch out from Uggs once in awhile!

It would also be a shame to not have my inaugural post include my “signature joke”.  So here goes…

“What did the bra say to the hat?”

…You go on a head, and I’ll give these two a lift!







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