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Game-Based Learning: An Opportunity Forecast.

This week, classmates created fictitious company, Game-Based Learning International.  Please click here to check out their informative, and interactive website that will try to convince you of the merits of GBL!

Perhaps it is my age?  Perhaps it is my subject areas of high school mathematics and physics? Perhaps it is because I do not spend time gaming and thus, do not see GBL for all of its potential.   Regardless of the reason, I simply do not see GBL as more than a reward or review activity, to spend class time with.

Granted, saying that all GBL platforms are ineffective is like saying you don’t like soup. There are simply too many out there, to be able to generalize to that extent.

The best GBL software that I have used in my physics classroom is produced by The Universe and More.  They produce new material every year or two and the developer is an actual high school physics teacher.  That makes a huge difference in the quality of the game.  This teacher knows students, he knows curriculum, and he knows how to program.  It is the trifecta of attributes for an edu-venturer, in my opinion!


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