Formal Report Outline

Promoting Garbage Classification Policy in China

I. Introduction

A. Definition of the type of waste or garbage the report addresses
B. Background of garbage issues in China and why the policy was introduced
C. Description of the Garbage Classification Policy
D. Purpose of this report
E. Brief description of data sources
F. Scope of this inquiry

II. Data Section

A. Statistics on municipal solid waste (MSW) prior to policy

  1. MSW reported by top cities
  2. Landfill rates prior to introduction of policy
  3. Percent of garbage in landfill versus incinerator
  4. Percent of recycling (if any)

B. Statistics on MSW post policy

C. Survey and interview response on residents feedback on policy

  1. Feedback on clarity of current system (Dry, Wet, Hazardous, Recyclable)
  2. Vote on potential improvements of current system

III. Conclusion

A. Summary and overall interpretation of findings
B. Recommendations

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