Formal Report Outline – Glen Kavaliunas

Making North Island College to a Tobacco Free Campus


A. Description of the current tobacco policy at North Island College (N.I.C.)

B. Background on tobacco health risks

C. Impact of current tobacco policy on students at North Island College

D. Impact of current tobacco policy on Beaufort Children’s Society

E. Description of increased health risk to N.I.C. students and staff

F. Audience for this report

G. Purpose of this report

H. Brief description of primary and secondary data source

I. Scope of this Inquiry


A. Sources of second-hand tobacco exposure

1. location of designated smoking areas

B. Studies of Health Effects

1. on adults

2. on children age 0-5 years

C. Conflicting interests regarding study

1. criticism from students who use tobacco

D. Solutions/recommendations based on findings

1. tobacco free campus

2. move designated smoking areas away from main entrances


A. Summary and overall interpretation of findings

B. Recommendations



Eng 301 – Formal Report Outline – Glen Kavaliunas



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