Letter of complaint

Luke Jang
3553 Marine Drive, Vancouver, BC, V3E 1N4
Phone: 778 332 3332
Email: Luke.J93@hotmail.com

July 20, 2020

Motorcycle World
332 Buck Avenue, Washington DC, 4T32T
Phone: 1 800 0883 3222

Dear the owner of Motorcycle World,

I recently purchased one of your listings; a turn signal holder for Honda CB650SC, on your eBay seller’s page. The item came relatively fast and it arrived undamaged, however, the item seems to be of not-as-advertised.

Recently, I have purchased an old classic motorcycle, however, the motorcycle had a broken turn signal holder, making it sag. I wanted to buy a replacement for it but I wanted to buy a genuine Honda part. It was hard to find a genuine part for my motorcycle on eBay, however, I came across your listing which is advertised as a NOS (New-Old-Stock) part, meaning that it is a genuine part that was manufactured a long time ago by Honda, however, it had been stored away for a long time. I was definitely thrilled to find a genuine NOS part, so I immediately ordered your listing.

The item arrived about a week later from your state to my province. I opened up the box but I noticed that the part was not made by Honda. It was a Chinese-made product which was a counterfeit. I immediately got alerted and tried contacting you via phone but your phone line seemed to be out of service. I contacted eBay for the issue but eBay advised me to contact you first. If the issue cannot be resolved between us, I would need to file a claim with eBay.

In order to solve this issue, I ask to refund the items. I am aware that on your website, it states no refund, however, the advertisement for the items seemed to be mis-advertised. Therefore, I do think that this should be an exception for a refund.

Thank you,

Luke Jang , an eBay buyer for your listings

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