Peer Review For Cody Gagnon: Writing With A You Attitude

To: Cody Gagnon

From: Matthew Shen

Date: July 21, 2020

Peer Review: Memo to Evan Crisp

Your message for Evan looks organized and concise. It was easy to comprehend your suggestions for him and use the YOU attitude actively. I have outlined suggestions for you to improve similar documents for the future below:


  • Bullet point list made the document easy to read
  • Could expand the introduction to create the atmosphere for a positive message, rather than a list of things he should do.

Writing Style and Expression:

  • The You attitude was active throughout the document
  • Maintained a direct and positive explanation to Evan that was easy to understand
  • Combining some of the examples that may be repetitive will strengthen each point. For example, you could combine the points about writing with a professional tone with avoiding informal acronyms and respecting the reader.

Grammar and Typos:

  • No spelling errors or incorrect capitalization were found

Concluding Comments:

I hope that you find my suggestions useful for editing your document. To reiterate some of the main points:

  • Adding more substance to your introductory statement
  • Combining repetitive points
  • Changing the tone of some suggestions

If you have any questions, please reach out to me at Thank you!

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