Peer Review for Di Fei Su on the Evan Crisp Memo

To: Di Fei Su
From: Luke Jang
Date: 21 July, 2020
Subject: Peer review for the Memorandum for Evan Crisp

I have reviewed your memorandum for Evan Crisp. I appreciate your effort for the writing and please see below for the review for your work.

First Impression:
The format is well organized and is neat. I like each points stated in bullet points which makes it easy to read as well.

-Each point is nicely in bullet
-Has all the contents needed for the memorandum

-It clearly introduces the purpose of the memorandum.

‘Writing style’:
-Polite but firm voice which addresses the issues for the audience.
-Firm but no condescending tone to the audience.
-Each point explains the reason for the criticism very well which facilitates the understanding for the reader
-Would be better if no assumption was made regarding someone (For example, it is mentioned in the memorandum that Professor Lambert receives hundreds of emails daily, however, it is impossible to know if that is true. Rather say, ‘Professor Lambert could be receiving hundreds of emails daily)

‘Grammar and Punctuation’
-Grammar was generally good overall, however, watch for your punctuation errors; missing periods in some sentences throughout the memo.

-The tips and criticism included in the memo are detailed and helpful for the reader. They also meet the requirements and are suitable for the assignment.

Concluding Comments:

I appreciate your effort in putting together the information for this memo for Evan Crisp. The tips were helpful and informative. Please read my suggestions above and use them if needed. If you have any questions regarding my comments above, please reach out to me at

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