Application Package Review for Michaela Basciano

TO:                 Michaela Basciano, English 301 Student Writer 

FROM:           Eva Ruiz, English 301 Student Reviewer 

DATE:             August 15, 2020

SUBJECT:     Review of Application Package


Dear Michaela Basciano,

Thank you for submitting your application package for peer review. It is clear that every part of this package was written with extreme care and preparation. 

First Impressions: 

This package made no waste of space by filling each page of the cover letter and resume. It contained every element required by the assignment and did so in a clear and informative manner. 


  • All elements of the document are present within the application package.
    • Job posting, cover letter, resume, and reference requests.
  • Proper formatting was used throughout each document.
    • Addresses, signatures, and dates.


    • Job Posting
      • Relevant to academic pursuits of the applicant. 
      • MLA citation is not present within the package itself (though is present in the memo sent to the scribes writing team).
        • Consider adding the MLA citation after the job posting.
    • Cover Letter
      • Contained many of the requirements listed in the job posting.
        • Academic and professional pursuits and relevant coursework.
      • Addition of family link to the school being applied to. 
    • Resume
      • Full to the brim of the two page requirement. 
        • Objective
          • Is present, clear, and concise.
        • Skills 
          • Lists many relevant skills for the field of human resources
        • Education 
          • University is listed with details of major and minor 
            • Consider removing highschool as it has less relevance as further education is completed.
        • Technical skills
          • Lists relevant workplace platforms/resources that are required in many workplaces.
        • Professional Development
          • List highlights individuals’ drive for furthering education and participation within related fields.
        • Experience
          • Lists all volunteer and work experience. 
          • Job title, place of work, and dates are present.
          • Descriptions of each position are provided.
            • Ensures relevance to the field of Human Resources.
  • Reference Requests 
    • Includes pleasant greeting, educational pursuits, their professional association, email for response, and hyperlink to LinkedIn for resume reference.
      • Very well written requests!
    • Consider using last names when addressing the letters to remain professional.


  • Tone is positive and professional throughout all written documents.
  • Pronouns are used correctly and not too frequently.


  • Consider changing “all being recruited are contributing to the workplace culture to their greatest potential” (Cover letter).
    • To “all people being recruited are contributing to the workplace culture to their greatest potential” to read more smoothly 
      • “People” or “employees”
  • Consider adding email to the end of the cover letter. 
    • This will ensure ease of further communication.
  • Ensure capitalization of “Technical” title within resume to remain consistent
  • In the first reference letter consider changing “I am glad you are doing well during this time.” 
    • To “I hope you are doing well during this time” because it is the first time contacting them over this matter. 

Concluding Comments: This application package was put together with great care and professionalism. The cover letter as well as reference letters were written with care and sufficient information to obtain the desired result. With the following recommendations this document will be ready for submission. 

  • Adding MLA citation after the job posting.
  • Changing “all being recruited are contributing to the workplace culture to their greatest potential” to, “all people being recruited are contributing to the workplace culture to their greatest potential” (Cover Letter). 
  • Attaching professional email at the end of the cover letter.
  • Capitalizing “Technical” title within resume.
  • Using first and last name when addressing for the letters of reference.
  • Switching to “I hope you are doing well during this time” in reference letter to Nicole. 

It is clear that great effort was put into creating every document within this package. I hope that you are able to achieve admission to the Human Resource department at this university. 

Michaela Basciano 301-Application Package

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