Application Package Peer Review for Eva

TO: Eva Ruiz, English 301 Student

FROM: Max Foran, Peer Reviewer

DATE: August 16, 2020

SUBJECT: Peer Review of Application Package


Thank you for submitting your Application package. It is very well-written and well organized. Below are a few minor recommendations to consider:

First impressions:

This application package is very well-done. The tone is friendly and professional. The layout of the resume and cover letter is correct. Here are some minor suggestions for improvement:

Cover Letter:

  • The cover letter is easy to read and not too long
  • It effectively points out past experiences and suggests reasons for being a good fit in the role
  • The clarity of some sentences could be improved; consider changing the following sentences to convey the idea faster:
  • Ex: I believe that the skills I offer, along with my educational pursuits, are a great match with the position your program is looking for.
  • In past work experiences, I have learned how to communicate and interact effectively with physical therapists and their patients.
  • As shown in my Resume, I offer the interpersonal qualification that this role requires. Furthermore, I am equipped with a strong knowledge base to thrive in this position.


  • The resume is effective and has relevant work experiences/education for the particular role
  • The use of colour effectively draws the readers eye to the important parts of the document
  • Consider adding a ‘Skills’ section in the resume that outlines what you are best at to the prospective employer. For example, you mention that you have strong interpersonal skills in the cover letter. Try to focus on skills that are most relevant to this particular position.

Reference Requests:

  • The reference requests are friendly yet to the point. They are likely to be well received.
  • Describing in detail how each of these people have helped you in your career will be appreciated by the reader.

Grammar and Typos:

  • No obvious grammar or punctuation mistakes

Concluding statements:

  • This application package is excellent, well done.
  • There are a few minor edits that can be made:
    • Rephrase some of the sentences in the cover letter to improve the clarity (i.e. don’t ‘beat around the bush’ and focus on getting straight to the point)
    • Add a ‘Skills’ section to the resume that further demonstrates why you are to be a good fit in the role.

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