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Here is a link to my WebFolio: Home     Max

Formal Report

Please find my formal report in the link below: 301-Formal-Report Kind Regards, Max

Application Package Peer Review for Eva

TO: Eva Ruiz, English 301 Student FROM: Max Foran, Peer Reviewer DATE: August 16, 2020 SUBJECT: Peer Review of Application Package   Thank you for submitting your Application package. It is very well-written and well organized. Below are a few

Application Package

Here is a copy of my application package: 301 Application Package Thank you, Max

Formal Report Peer Review for Esteban

TO: Esteban Margaron, ENGL 301 Student FROM: Max Foran, English 301 Student DATE:  August 5th 2020 SUBJECT: Peer Review   First Impressions:   The report is well-structured and easy to follow. It covers an interesting topic and provides relevant and well-thought out commentary.   Organization:

Formal Report Draft

Here is my formal report draft: 301 Formal Report (Draft)    

Bad News Letter

Mr. Lyle McDermid President, Unipac Packaging Products, Ltd. 6200 Kennedy Road, Unit 2 Mississauga, ON, L5T 2Z1   June 10, 2020 Dear Mr. McDermid,   Our company has always had an excellent working relationship with Unipac.The staff at our distribution

Evan Crisp Memo Peer Review for Christina

To: Christina Hruby, Scribe Writing Team Member From: Max Foran, Scribe Writing Team Member Date: July 23, 2020 Subject: Peer Review for Evan Crisp Memo   First Impressions: At first glance, the document is clear, easy to read, and well-structured.

Evan Crisp Memo

To: Evan Crisp From: Max Foran Date: July 20, 2020 Subject: Strategies for Communicating with Professors over E-mail   The following is a list of principles and strategies that you might find effective when communicating with professors:   Beginning the

LinkedIn Peer Review for Michaela

To: Michaela Basciano, The Scribes Writing Team Member From: Max Foran, The Scribes Writing Team Member Date: July 11, 2020 Subject: Peer Review for LinkedIn Profile     Thank you for submitting your LinkedIn profile. Here are some comments and


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