Author: Joyce Wu

Web Folio

To:              Team Typephoon From:         Joyce Wu Date:           December 19, 2019 Subject:     Web Folio Hi team, I would like to share with you my

Formal Report – Joyce Wu

To:              Team Typephoon From:         Joyce Wu Date:           December 19, 2019 Subject:     Formal Report Hi team, Thank you for your feedback throughout the various

Peer Review of Brenda Martinez’s Application Package Draft

To:              Brenda Martinez  From:         Joyce Wu Date:           December 16, 2019 Subject:     Peer Review of Application Package Hi Brenda, Thank you for the opportunity

Application Package Draft

To:                   Team Typephoon, ENGL 301 Writing Group From:              Joyce Wu, Member of Team Typephoon Date:               December 12, 2019 Subject:          Job Application Package Draft Hi Team Typephoon, Please see the attached for my job application package draft. You will find

Peer Review of Adrienne Yap’s Formal Report Draft

To:             Adrienne Yap From:        Joyce Wu Date:         December 10, 2019 Subject:    Peer Review of Formal Report Draft   Hi Adrienne, I have reviewed your formal report draft on

Formal Report Draft

To:                          Members of Team Typephoon From:                     Joyce Wu, Member of Team Typephoon Date:             

Business Letters – Complaint and Adjustment Letters

Complaint Letter Joyce Wu 1125 Cliff Avenue Burnaby, BC V5B 2E5 October 18, 2019 Save On Water Heater & Furnace Inc.  84025 – 2844 Bainbridge Avenue  Burnaby, BC  V5A 4T9 Attention: Mr. David Ju Subject: Request for repair and service

Peer Review of Usman’s Memo for Writing with YOU Attitude

To:              Usman Zahoor  From:         Joyce Wu Date:           November 24, 2019 Subject:     Peer Review of Memorandum Demonstrating YOU Attitude   Hi Usman,  Thank you

Memo to Evan Crisp – Joyce Wu

MEMORANDUM To:               Evan Crisp, UBC Student  From:         Joyce Wu, ENGL 301 Student Date:           November 22, 2019 Subject:     Best Practices in Writing an Email to Professor  

Memo – Progress on Formal Report

MEMORANDUM   To:            Dr. Erika Paterson, ENGL 301 Instructor From:       Joyce Wu, ENGL 301 Student Date:        November 16, 2019 Subject:   Progress Report on Feasibility of Switching Existing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Thin Clients to Local Desktop Computers As


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