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Hi everyone,

My name is Julie Kotler and this is my 4th MET course but I am also taking two others right now to finish my degree this semester. I know some may now be thinking how could I finish with so few credits, but that’s because I am a transfer student from Concordia University in Montreal. While I am originally from Montreal, when I moved to Tel Aviv, Israel over a year ago I switched to the MET program so that I can continue my studies.

In addition to this program, I also have my B.Ed and BA; as well I work part time as an assistant program developer for a learning center that offers courses in standardized test preparation.

I chose this image because I am admittedly a big fan and supporter of digital and online books (my kindle has been everywhere with me). One of the reasons I think it is a great form of technology is that it allows for a high level of accessibility to so many different types of reading material whether its books, magazines, journals or blogs. As such, I have always believed that advocating for literacy in education, especially among youth is very important and this is another great way to do so. In particular, it increases the opportunity for people to have access when they otherwise may not have had that chance, and it greatly speaks to the younger generations that have grown up with the computer and other technologies.

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