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Digital Literacy in the 21st Century

Over the past few decades, digital literacy has grown and expanded in many ways from word processing to web 2.0. Yet through all of those changes, instead of becoming obsolete, each new development remained at the forefront because of its … Continue reading

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The Power of Images & Digital Media

In the late 19th to early 20th century, when new forms of capitalism were on the rise, so too were competitive efforts by various producers to instill a common desire for its goods and services among the public. As this … Continue reading

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The Typewriter: A remarkable impact on communication

Introduction Before the 1860s when the most noted invention of the typewriter was created, two other historical men had come up with similar concepts. The first of these individuals is Henry Mill who, in 1714, was granted a patent in … Continue reading

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A Deeper Look At Orality

For many people, especially those of younger generations, the concept of an oral society is rarely, if ever, contemplated because the reality is, the further societies around the world moved towards literacy, the more orality faded into the background. As … Continue reading

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Technology defined

When I was searching for something to define what I think technology means, I came across this statement and felt that it captured exactly what I was looking for in one short phrase. That is, I believe technology comes in … Continue reading

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Text in all forms

This image is actually of a ring I own, and I chose it to represent what the definition of text means to me because when I think of the word itself, I think of a means of communication. Beyond that … Continue reading

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Hi everyone, My name is Julie Kotler and this is my 4th MET course but I am also taking two others right now to finish my degree this semester. I know some may now be thinking how could I finish … Continue reading

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