My first experience with an ebook reader

Hello all! My name is Lynnette Earle. The image I chose is one of my own from a sailing trip in the Bahamas this past July (my belated honeymoon so to speak). I choose this image because it represents my first experience with an ebook reader (I know, a little behind with the times!). The ebook reader I’m using is a Kobo. I thought that I would always be the paper type of reader where you have to physically turn the pages yourself, but I thoroughly enjoyed the Kobo. In fact, I read more books on that trip because of the Kobo because it stores sooo many books in one compact location which made packing much easier. Now that I’m home, I am still using the Kobo as opposed to a “real” book. I think that the picture and my experience speaks to some issues that will be raised in this course as the concept of books in general is changing and the way in which we read and interact with the literature itself. I’m sure my future children will be one of those who tries to tap a magazine picture to get more information/change the page or ask why you can’t do certain things with the paper book like in “It’s a Book” by Lane Smith.

So, a little about myself… I am a secondary teacher of Spanish and Leadership and I have taught English 10, ESL, and French in previous years. I work at Chilliwack Secondary in BC where I LOVE my job. I am also have a Position Of Special Responsibility in Technology where I will build a vision of how technology can be used to improve results for my school, make recommendations for hardware/software, liaise with department heads to determine unique departmental needs, and work within an identified budget for our NEW school that is currently being built, scheduled to open September 2013! I am also the Grad Coordinator for our school! Needless to say, I’m a busy girl… all whilst doing the MET! I chose this particular course because I’m very interested in literacy as I teach basic reading and writing skills in my Spanish classes.

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  1. ginelle123 says:

    Hi Lynette,
    I hope you are enjoying the Kobo – I was in NY visiting my dad and decided quickly to buy a NOOK. Bad decision! Because I’m abroad, I’m very limited with what I can access for my ebook, and most importantly, I can’t access Barnes and Noble! I hope you have better success 🙂

  2. smyers says:

    Lynette, good to see you again.
    Happy to hear you got away for a honeymoon!
    I was thrilled with my Kobo….was using even to read my articles for MET…until I took it out of my bag after work and discovered that despite the case the screen had somehow been “poked” and is shattered….sad, sad day! But I loved it while it worked.

    I saw an add the other da at a bus stop for the new ipad and the image was bestowing how much like a “real” book it was. The person in the add was “leafing” through to the next page. I guess they are trying to convince others like us who were resistant how easy it is to switch.

  3. joypenner says:

    Love that book. I actually quoted from it for my essay to get into the program.

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