Text is a fingerprint

Text. I chose this picture for a couple of reasons.

  • It was a picture that came up when I Googled the word text. I was curious to see what type of images appeared for this four letter word. I was not shocked to see that most of the images were that of words in various languages and fonts.
  • Of the many text images that Google displayed, I chose this particular one because of its shape. It reminded me of a fingerprint. The word text has many definitions:
    • The OED online quick search results gave us definitions with which I’m sure we are all familiar
    • Wikipedia gives a list of examples of what a text may refer to:
      • the representation of written language
      • Text (literary theory), a concept in literary theory
      • Another name for a literary work
      • A particular Bible passage, sometimes a single verse or verse fragment
      • Textbook, a standardized instructional book
      • in electronic communication and computing (Plain text (unformatted text), Text file, a type of computer files, Text display, an electronic alphanumeric display device, Text mode display, Text messaging, the sending of short messages by mobile phone, Text segment, another name for the code segment of a binary executable computer file)
      • in arts and entertainment (Text (song), a 2010 song by Mann, TEXT, a Swedish band formed by 3/4 ex-Refused Members TxT (film), a 2006 Filipino horror film)

Because of the variations of what a text is, I felt that it was similar to a fingerprint. Fingerprints are also one of a kind; therefore, each an every one of us will likely have a slightly, if not drastically, different definition or concept of what text is – which is clearly visible in all of our posts here on the Web Blog.


Text. (August 27, 2012). Retrieved from Wikipedia at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Text

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