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How Can An Educator Possibly Manage Web 2.0 Storytelling Lessons Amidst the Vastness Of the Web 2.0 World?

Web 2.0 is the future of education. (Hargadon, 2008) Storytelling is a standard part of education that has taken many forms over time. In Bryan Alexander and Alan Levine’s article, Web 2.0 Emergence of a New Genre, they explore the … Continue reading

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PowerPoint vs. Gliffy

Due to an overwhelming amount of printing inquiries at my school, I created a troubleshooting sign for my school using Powerpoint. Given the MET opportunity, I decided to recreate the same sign using Gliffy. After some initial trial and error … Continue reading

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How The N-Gen And Their Instructors Can Bridge The Educational Gap

Mabrito and Medley’s article argues that education today does not suffer from a generation gap, but an information gap. They believe the way to bridge the gap is for instructors to stop solely learning facts about the Net-Generation culture, and … Continue reading

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Calligraphy: Words Become Art All Around The World

Introduction Calligraphy can be considered a formative art that uses writing as its medium. While typical writing is used as a set of signs designed to replace spoken words, calligraphy tries to be something more. Many of the first characters … Continue reading

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Effective Oral Storytelling: Yesterday and Today

Oral storytelling is a powerful tool for verbalizing experience and transferring knowledge within a culture and across generations. Within education, teachers have used oral storytelling to expose their students to ideas while modeling engaging ways to interact with an audience. … Continue reading

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Andrew Murray – Back To School

The comic above really speaks to my first few days at work this school year and to some of the tones towards writing and technology that I have experienced in ETEC 540 so far. New technological advances come with loses and … Continue reading

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