How to Beat Procrastination (Part 1 – Special Occasions… for singles)

Yup, what you see above is a glass of wine and Ferrero Rocher chocolate sitting on my desk. Two ingredients that’s keeping me from procrastinating. You may not agree with my methods of beating down procrastination, but I thought it could shed some light to how I get rid of my urges to play online games and watch tv. You will see the story behind the two ingredients and my day today as you read on.

So why wine and chocolate today? Well…. It’s Chinese New Year’s day today, and despite the fun and special nature of the day, I didn’t get to celebrate.

Today was just another Thursday. I tried my best to get my stuff done in the morning and went to a grammar class at the UBC Writing Centre in the evening (yup, I get to to be picky about grammar and give the instructor a real hard time about subject/verb agreements and punctuations for 2.5 hours every week). I had my healthy dinner for the day, had my fill of entertainments during dinner, and even had a chat with my sister over the phone. But that was pretty much it.

When I got back from the class, I felt that I was lacking something, and I felt the urge to spice up the night a little bit and up the mood of the day.

I mean, to be honest, celebrating the New Year’s all by myself didn’t seem to be the happiest idea – although I never really cared for it the past few years. Nonetheless, I still have a journal paper I have to edit and push out the door, so it’s not like I wanted someone to be around chatting away with me when I’m supposed to get my work done. So came the amazing idea of wine and chocolate – i.e., Celebrating while working.

Don’t worry, this is really not a bad idea for those who are perfectly happy being a solo, yet career-driven. I, personally, am learning a bit about wine these days and starting to enjoy a glass for celebratory purposes. I have also recently discovered that a glass of wine really gets me focused for some reason. I had been procrastinating on one of the paper-writing things I had to do for days. And one evening, I sat down, had a glass, and was ready to go. I finished the work within three hours. Perhaps not the healthiest habit to get used to I suppose. But it totally works for me.

Now I am listening to the latest release of Vancouver’s local band, Dashing (free to download by the way), sipping on wine, having the delicious hazelnut-filled chocolate with my screen filled with LaTex script of my journal paper. And guess what? It’s almost done. 😀

Alright, for the next post, I will try to come up with a better procrastination-beating technique than my newly emerging bad habits. Stay tuned….!

2 thoughts on “How to Beat Procrastination (Part 1 – Special Occasions… for singles)

  1. R

    I think it works because you stop caring about all the little things external to whatever it is you’re trying to get done.

    …I use whisky.

  2. AJung Post author

    Hmm you’re probably right. Wine and chocolates as a catalyst to not caring… awesomeness. I should pick up another bottle today. Maybe I should try whisky this time though. I’ve got lots of work to do over the weekend. lol…


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