Summer Sun….

Hi everyone! Truly, time flies. Another term is at its end. And I am certain that everyone is relishing the higher frequency of sunny days. Though some are done with exams but there are many still poring over notes and textbooks, typing on their laptops to complete their unfinished projects and at intervals wishing if only they could fast forward time through the exam weeks, because of course there is so much to do this summer, no ? (of course I am talking about fun, I am not so much into academics :)). The nimbus clouds are taking their decision of retreat, the skies are blue, the trees are about to be lush and green, the cyclists are out, the hikers and mountain climbers have prepared their gear and all fun lovers are looking forward to having a wonderful time this summer.

Today I am really excited because I had a great hike with my friends around Sasamat Lake. Actually the plan was to go to Belcarra but we got off the bus at a wrong place and eventually were lost. So we moved along the road and found a trail. The high canopy blocked the sun and it was colder in and around the trail as compared to places directly under the sky. And at some places it was really dark that it evoked an eerie feeling and I was reminded of serials like ‘LOST’ and movies like ‘Wrong turn’.

But finally, after poring over a few maps and being assisted by a few cyclists, we reached Sasamat Lake. It was a very calm and serene place. If only the lake were a bit warmer, I would not have let go of the chance to take a swim.

Seriously, after a long rainy spell, I am feeling rejuvenated for the first time. Though I am already looking forward to how to spend the beautiful summer, I am also reminded of the past few months. For sure, academics is very important and for everything to go right, I think it is indispensable to have a nice work environment. I want to take the opportunity to write about those who I enjoyed to have the company of in my office.

Jeremy Moulson. He joined Dr Green’s research group with me in September. As I am from Aerospace Engineering background, I really enjoyed having conversations about undergraduate studies with him (because he as well is an aersopace engineering graduate from Carleton University). It was great to having those brainstorming sessions in which he discussed about designing an experimental setup to demostrate the phenomenon of aeroelasticity.

I remember those innovative ideas of his about renewable thermal energy which he came up with after the the ‘convection heat transfer- MECH 572’ classes.

Michael Gosselin. He is an undergraduate student working as a co-op, assisting Jeremy in the design and construction of his experimental setup. It was really fascinating to see how, using sophisticated electronics, computer softwares, etc he built up the setup.

As I am a great music lover, it was really surprising to find he likes a famous Indian singer (Kailash Kher). And I am sure that photography enthusiasts are aware of his knack in the field.

Drew Serles. Drew is a great ski enthusiast and the occupant of the other half of my tiny office. He, as well, is a new graduate student under the supervision of Dr Green and he joined in September 2010.

He and I are about to start our research from May. We still have to figure out how to distribute work among the co-op students who are to join us in May.

Purushotam Kumar. He is one of those graduate students who are going to graduate very soon. Frankly, he is one of the most hard-working people I have seen in life. He completed his undergraduate courses in mechanical engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, India and joined Dr Green’s research group in September 2009.

He is a great guy and very arduous. He is from a distant corner of the world and I must say that very few people who have had a background like him, make it to wherever he is today. My congratulations to him for his selection in the Ph.D program of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne and I wish him all the best for his future endeavors.

So I hope everyone has started planning on how to make this summer productive and fun. I see it’s 2 AM and even after a long day of hiking there is no sleep in my eyes. I am that excited haha! Ok everyone, I wish good luck to those who still have some exams pending and to the rest, have fun in the summer sun!

I see that once again so softly

The sun is beating on the face

Even at the end the sun departs with a kingly flair

With a majestic purple haze 🙂

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    This is the greatest article I have ever had the pleasure of reading! Well done sir, I congratulate you! Keep up the good work.


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