We survived the BCMC trail!

Hello Readers!

We survived our hike on Saturday!  We ended up doing the BCMC trail instead of the Grouse Grind and had a great time! The BCMC is right beside the grouse grind and is a LOT less busy and a much more “natural” hike (ie. there are fewer stairs and it is much less worn).

This hike is a little longer but ends near the same spot at the Grind.  We did it in an hour and twenty minutes which I think is fantastic!

Here is a picture of us almost to the top:

The trail is pretty steep and there are tons of trees so there aren’t very many points where you get a very good view, but here is the view at one break in the trees. So pretty!

While the Grouse Grind is fun to do just because its popularity, if you’ve done it before and are looking for something not so crowded and with more of the feeling of a hike than moreso just a workout, I really recommend checking out this trail! I really enjoyed it.


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