Teaching Philosophy & Portfolio workshop for LFS TAs + Program Evaluation (coming soon!)


Hello again LFS TAs,

The Teaching Philosophy and Portfolio Workshop is scheduled for Friday, March 6 (not Monday), as per the corrected email below.

Thank you to the LFS TA who noticed this error.



Hello LFS TAs,

During our last round of surveys, LFS TAs identified developing teaching philosophies and assembling a teaching portfolio as areas that they would like guidance in. In response, your LFS TA Training Program has scheduled the following workshop:

Teaching Philosophy and Portfolio Workshop for LFS TAs
Monday  Friday, March 6 | 9:00 – 10:30 AM in FNH 300
The learning objectives for this session are:

– Identify qualities of a compelling Teaching Philosophy Statement

– Draft your first Teaching Philosophy Statement

– Identify components of a Teaching Portfolio and the necessary criteria that determines           relevant/irrelevant components in each portfolio

– Create a list of items you need to collect in order to build your own Teaching Portfolio

Facilitator: LFS’ very own Colin Dring!
RSVP by Mon, Mar 2 at http://bit.ly/LFSTeaching    

Please also stay tuned on how you can participate in a Program Evaluation of the LFS TA Training Program. This will be a great time for you to ask questions about the Program, and provide feedback on how it can continue to or better enhance your teaching skills. We encourage first time and seasoned LFS TAs alike to participate.

Best regards from your TA Coordinators,
Tebby and Lennie