CTLT TA Institution


Dear TAs,

I‘d like to thank you all for devoting time and energy in TAing or applying for TA positions for the Summer and Winter courses.

UBC CTLT has committed to support our TAs at this unprecedented time.  CTLT has organized a series of workshops for graduate students and undergrad TAs.  You can find the list of workshops and the links for register at this site: https://institute.ctlt.ubc.ca/ta-institute/may-2020-ta-institute/.  I would like to strongly encourage you to sign on as many workshops as you can.



Zhaoming Xu, PhD
Associate Professor in Nutritional Biochemistry
Associate Dean, Academic
Program Director, Food, Nutrition, & Health Program
University of British Columbia l Vancouver Campus l Musqueam Traditional Territory
2205 East Mall
Vancouver, BC
T: (604) 822-6253

E: zxu@mail.ubc.ca