TAship Opportunities: APBI 361 Winter Term 2 – Key Indicators of Agroecosystem Sustainability


TAs needed to TA for APBI 361 001 Courses in Winter Term 2 –2020.
Email Dr. DeLisa Lewis at delisa.lewis@ubc.ca  by Friday, July 10th, 2020.

APBI 361 001 Course Description

A detailed exploration of biophysical, economic, and social ecosystem sustainability indicators for primary production subsystems.


Experience with participation in Web-based learning environment (such as Connect Learning Management System ) is an asset but not essential. Experience correcting/editing/grading/marking/assessing the work of others at an undergraduate level is essential. For undergraduate applicants, successful completion of this APBI 361001course is desirable. Experience in research or critical assessment of scientific research is an asset, but not essential. Experience that shows a desire to facilitate learning is an asset. Skills: Excellent interpersonal skills; good organizational skills; Must have consistent and reliable access to personal computer with internet; ability to correct English and references usage (grammar, spelling, paragraph structure, APA format) when marking written assignments.

Work Performed:

Marking online discussions and other written assignments in an accurate and timely manner. Communicate regularly and briefly with course instructor with questions of marking approach and assignment expectations.

  • Attend and play an active role in each class as described below.
  • Assist faculty instructors with several aspects of the course including:  tracking homework and in-class participation on a spreadsheet, preparing some class materials, facilitating classroom activities and meeting with students during office hours.
  • Assist students in their online Calibrated Peer Review work and other flexible learning that replaces face-to-face class time once every two weeks.
  • Though instructors will mark major writing assignments, TAs give students feedback on homework assignments and some in-class written reflections and assist instructors for a second look at selected writing assignments.
  • Lead some portions of classes, and on occasion teach a class, using lesson plans and other guides and materials.
  • Track and respond to queries by students via Connect and email, with input by instructor and course coordinator as needed
  • Assist in adjudicating and marking the final exam (following detailed instructions and an answer key.)
  • Attend and take part in a 1.5-hour instructional support meeting once every two weeks at times and dates mutually agreed upon.
  • Conduct special projects during term and after classes are over, such as creating new course materials, updating Connect and other projects mutually agreed upon.
  • Perform other duties as required


 See current pay scales in UBC HR website. Search for “UBC HR TA Salary Scales”.

UBC hires on the basis of merit and is committed to employment equity.  We encourage all qualified applicants to apply.


Email Dr. DeLisa Lewis at delisa.lewis@ubc.ca  by Friday, July 10th, 2020.