Community of Practice Virtual Meeting, and TA Needs Survey link


Hello LFS TAs,

We hope you are keeping well and safe and are thriving in your TA roles. 

a) Having a space to share insights or troubleshoot issues is an important part of your professional development. Our Community of Practice (CoP) space is an informal virtual get-together for all TAs primarily to learn from each other. 

The purpose of the upcoming
 CoP next week Monday is to share and hear TAs experiences of online teaching and learning assistance (new and returning TAs). This information is critical as it provides evidence to inform and guide programming and training based on your needs.

WHEN: Monday, March 1st, 2021
TIME: 10-11 AM
WHERE: Online (the link will be sent to the registrants at the end of the week)

Please RSVP here:

b) We would also appreciate it if you could take a moment to complete the survey about your   TA needs:

Best Regards,

Lennie and Tebby

TA Training Program Coordinators