Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW) offered by the Center for Teaching, Learning and Technologies (CTLT) – LFS TA reserved seats

Hello LFS TA community,
My name is Alysha and I am one of the two new LFS TA coordinators for this school year. We wanted to share with everyone a really great learning opportunity offered by the The Center for Teaching, Learning and Technologies (CTLT) here at UBC.
CTLT runs a variety of really great workshops available to TAs. In particular, they have a multi-session training program called the ‘Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW)’ that is recognized by various other institutions. The ISW walks through some basics in knowledge facilitation in hands on ways (ex. learning how to incorporate experiential learning techniques into teaching practice).
More information about the ISW, including when it’s offered can be found here:
If anyone is interested, LFS has committed 6 seats to graduate TAs in the faculty. This means that you would be able to attend the ISW without having to pay the registration fees. Please reply to this email with your name and the course(s) you are currently TAing if you would like of those seats. Once a seat has been assigned, you will be able to pick the dates in consultation with CTLT that best fit your schedule to attend.
If at any point you have questions or recommendations about TA related training or events please don’t hesitate to let myself or Amelie know.
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Master student, Food Science