TA’s wanted for Food Science Industry Project Course


FNH 425 Food Science Laboratory III is a two term course (Sept – April) where students work in groups of 3-4 to develop and execute a research plan to solve a specific objective set out by a food industry partner. Students develop hypotheses, perform a literature review, devise an experimental plan, and then execute experiments followed by data analyses.

Each project is assigned a food science faculty member and graduate student who will help the students navigate the project’s progress and deliverables. The course instructor as well as two laboratory technicians will also provide assistance throughout the course.

Unlike other TA positions, TAs will interact with a small group of students over the course of two terms, providing a unique opportunity for student mentorship. TA’s will help guide students in scientific writing, presenting, experimental design, and executing research. It has been shown that when students teach other students, they not only enhance their own knowledge in the process, but demonstrate improved communication skills, increased confidence, and improved leadership ability. These enhanced qualities will benefit you as you continue your graduate studies. Student mentorship is additionally a very rewarding experience.


30 h (or more if needed) will be assigned to TAs for the following responsibilities:

  • Grading 1 group proposal report and 1 group final results report
  • Attending and 2 x 3 h presentation days and grading all groups
  • Providing students access to FNH laboratories when needed
  • Attending periodic student project meetings with the faculty supervisor and industry partner so that you are aware of the project’s progress and activities

If you are interested in this unique TAship opportunity, please contact the course instructor, Patricia Hingston at patricia.hingston@ubc.ca

Patricia Hingston, PhD
Assistant Professor of Teaching

Food Science | Food, Nutrition and Health Program | Faculty of Land and Food Systems
The University of British Columbia | Musqueam Traditional Territory
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