LFS 250 TAships 2023-24


LFS 250 TAships 2023-24

We have 3 on-line TAships available in our second-year course, Land, Food and Community I (LFS 250). The course is an introduction to food systems literacy with an emphasis on developing systems thinking approaches, interdisciplinary collaboration skills, and equity competencies. We explore issues related to sustainability, food security, food sovereignty, and food environment analysis. Students develop skill sets related to systems diagrams, team work, and verbal, written and design-based communication. TAs are responsible for running their own tutorial sessions with support from the three course instructors (Delisa Lewis, Matt Mitchell and Will Valley), including tutorial templates, weekly teaching team meetings, and a course-specific TA handbook.

If any graduate students are looking for more independent, on-line teaching experience and keen to guide 2nd-year students through food systems issues, please contact us and/or go to our
LFS TA Application to apply – https://ta-app.landfood.ubc.ca (must be either on campus (UBC Secure) or logged in through UBC VPN for the website to work).

Here are a few more details about the course:

Course code – LFS 250 002
Delivery – On-line
September 2023 to April 2024
210 hours

Weekly Schedule
– On-line Lecture – Tuesdays, 1pm-1:50pm
– Lab time – Tuesdays, 2pm-3:30pm (this is scheduled for students to complete group work, but does not have a weekly scheduled component for TAs. TAs hold office hours or use the time to catch up on grading and/or prep for their tutorial)
– Tutorials – Thursdays,12:30-1:50pm
– Weekly Teaching Team Meeting – no time has been set, we meet weekly as a teaching team for one hour, preferably on Mondays.

– Facilitating weekly tutorial sessions, attending on-line lectures and weekly teaching team meetings, grading assignments and providing students with verbal and written feedback, and maintaining communication with students outside of course time as needed.


Will Valley, PhD
Associate Professor of Teaching, Applied Biology
Academic Director, Land, Food, & Community Series
Associate Dean, EDI
Faculty of Land and Food Systems
University of British Columbia, Musqueam Territory
210 – 2205 East Mall
Vancouver, BC Canada V6T 1Z4

Contact info for instructors:

  • Will Valley – will.valley@ubc.ca
  • Matthew Mitchell – matthew.mitchell@ubc.ca
  • Delisa Lewis – delisa.lewis@ubc.ca