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Timber Skin Studio Final Presentations

TimberSkin studio does their final presentations and presents some interesting work!

Thanks to our reviewers who were:

Patricia Patkau, Patkau Architects

Javier Campos, CamposLeckie Architects

John Wall, PUBLIC

Fiona McAlpine, University of Queensland, Brisbane

Robert Woodbury, SFU SIAT

Sung Wook Kim, Visiting Professor

Cindy Wilson, Wilson Lang Architects

Oliver Neumann, UBC SALA

Timber fabrication projects

Completed in research courses led by Oliver Neumann and myself, these projects are designed and then built on site by students. The projects are fabricated with a Hundegger which does 3 dimensional CAD controlled cuts to create exact jointing of timber elements to each other. Tolerances on the timber are mm (not so on the foundations on site!).

Photo: Oliver Neumann