Word of the Day

Lame /leɪm/:

(adj) Walking around campus for an hour at night trying to find parties and failing to do so

That pretty much sums up Part 1 of A Commuter Student’s Tale of Experiencing UBC Nightlife, a bestseller no doubt. And the party we were originally eyeing was the Soc Student’s Midnight Terror De-Stresser/Bzzr Garden which turned 1) to be really really empty even at 10pm and 2) was for 19+ despite what was stated on the promo pages. Grr.

Commerce Frosh 2008

Currently: listening to Beautiful Day by U2, blogging from the Tim Hortons at DLAM.

For the past few days I’ve been thinking of ways to describe Frosh so that words do those two nights and three days justice. This the best I came up with.

Whatever rumours you have heard, or have yet to hear, about Frosh is TRUE. Whatever images you have running through your head right now is probably also TRUE. Yes it was that crazy. Yes you totally missed out if you didn’t go. Yes you absolutely HAVE to go if you’re coming to Sauder next year (not sure about the other faculties, heard they’re … average… average… so [beeping] average XD)

Now that I have seen 80% of the freshman in my faculty without their tops on, shouted til I lost both my voice and hearing, threw things at the crowd that should’ve been kept in the bedroom, and experienced too many wet/dry humps to count, I can quiet down and get the R-O-W-D-Y out of my system.

Btw anyone else have cheers stuck in their heads? Y! O-U-N-G AT UBC WE LIKE THEM YOUNG! WHEEE.