Cream of the Crop as Shown by Google

I have faith that the readers of UBC blogs like mine are the cream of the crop of the student population here at this lovely university (slight sarcasm intended). As to how you guys got here, some were via Twitter, Facebook, my email signature, and a plethora of places filled shameless self-promotion; while others found it through search engines like Google. I’m quite happy that I come up first when I search “Phoebe Yu”, but what keywords did other people search to get to this blog? Some had mindnumbing questions, others were just curious. I will try my best to appease such curiosities. Much thanks to Google Analytics for stat tracking.

Bring on the keywords!

480 ubc runs on weekends
No, it doesn’t. You’ll have to take the 98 B-Line and then the 25/41/49/99 bus.

phoebe yu birthday
I’m flattered you’re trying to find someone’s birthday on Google, wait, on Google, seriously?!

chinese girls ubc commerce
Umm… *gulp*. There are a lot of us here… but we’re not sure if we want YOU here…

at ubc we like them yong [sic]
-Disturbed- (this is actually a line from a Sauder Frosh cheer, haha you’ll see)

mean things to do to someone to get them back

  1. Tell them to Google stupid things
  2. Get that featured on a blog

Oh wait, you just did that. Cream of the crop indeed.

lemche exam mark econ
For ECON101 in Fall 2008, the average was 67.

ubc econ gateman average
For ECON102 in Spring 2009, the average was 66.

someone’s ubc commerce supplemental
Because we all love posting our university applications on the internet.

ubc commerce accepted me april 2009
Great! Congratulations for getting accepted. Let me ask you this though, WHY ARE YOU GOOGLING INSTEAD OF OUT CELEBRATING?!

ubc harry potter room
*SQUEE* That could refer either to the Chapman Learning Commons or the Riddington Room. Both are gorgeous.

And then we have people who straight up asked questions!

should i bring a resume to a networking event?
Thoughts anyone? I don’t recommend it unless it’s more of a job fair. You’ll seem clunky and desperate and there’s a reason it’s called a networking event not a hiring fair. Bring those business cards though!

why are ubc chinese classes so unfair?
Compared to commerce, many arts profs seem to have distorted ideas of what good marks are. The general trend is lower averages but smaller deviations. Chinese is obviously quite subjective and heavily dependent on your background. I’m taking CHIN214 (Intensive Intermediate Heritage Chinese) and I find the evaluation methods to be quite fair.

ubc students easygoing?
We’re chill, yo.

what are parties like at ubc?
Like parties anywhere, quite awesome.

how much can you get for selling a kidney?
SO many people googled variations of this. Oh dear!

how to use the word “fiscal”?
You good sir, are definitely not fiscally-challenged.


what to do when you are at a networking event and no one will talk to you?
How about striking up a casual conversation with the person sitting next to you and asking them questions about their jobs and interests? Genius.

And there you have it ladies and gentleman, the things people google to get to UBC Years. Keep up the outstanding work.

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  1. I like it 🙂

    For the networking/resume thing…it would be kind of awkward to bring resumes to that, though I have a little anecdote/story about the importance of business cards.

    I have been working with some of the sales people in a company called Bayview. They are basically in the process of building a community of condos etc right on the harbour in Victoria -a project that is grossing out at over $1 billion dollars. So these people are good. And working with one of the sales guys, he told me that one of the first appraisals that he gives to client is whether they have a business card or not, right away. It makes sense for him to do that because it shows that the client is really interested in the property.

    He also told me that he has never thrown away a single business card since he started in sales, he has 6 full binders of them :).

    Take care,


  2. @Stas – That sounds like an effective evaluation tool, great for snap judgement (haha Blink reference!)

    @Johnny – Glad to see you’re right on track in your role to promote the splendor that is the Commerce Undergrad Society and its events 😀

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