Campus Fashion Trends – Spring/Summer ’09

The sun’s out. The exams are behind us. The beaches are calling! I hope to give you here a brief overview of some of the loveliest/fugliest fashion trends at UBC right now, with a heavy leaning towards the ladies (sorry fellas!) Warning: image-heavy and slightly materialistic =D For previous clothing styles, see 10 Campus Fashion Trends – Fall/Winter ’08.


In all seriousness – DARK COLOURS

It could be that UBCers are a bit solemn during exam time, but dark choices in clothings seem to be pretty prevalent. We’ve got the staple black and grey, but offshades of navy and brown are also everywhere. Cheer up folks, it’s summer!

Suzy Shier Wrap $30 Urban Behaviour Emily Dress $26 Garage Short Sleeved Dress $24 Suzy Shier Cami $30

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Merry Christmas!

Christmas is my favourite time of the year because the little things people do – singing Christmas carols at the bus stop, voluntarily shovelling the sidewalk for one’s neighbours – make me smile. Or it could be the chocolates. Lots and lots of chocolates. On a random note, I just finished reading both The Tales of Beedle the Bard as well as the new PostSecret book (my friends have a wonderful knack of figuring out exactly what I want for Xmas/Bday, thanks!) I forgot to mention that I turned 18 amidst the exam season, jolly good!

Everyone’s probably enjoying xmas dinner, making long distance phone calls, watching holiday movies, or preparing to go to war Boxing Day and whatnot, so I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

QOTW: What presents did you get for Christmas?

My family followed the “tradition” of not getting each other anything, again.

10 Campus Fashion Trends – Fall/Winter ’08

One of the fun part of being on the UBC campus is to be surrounded by some of the best-dressed young people in the city. I would argue that Sauder kids are the snappiest dressers around (*holds up shield*), but we do have a rather unfair advantage over other faculties in our regular mandatory prancing-around-in-suits days. I hope to give you here a brief overview of some of the loveliest fashion trends at UBC right now, with a heavy leaning towards the ladies (sorry fellas!) As you can tell this post is long overdue. Oh and warning: image-heavy and slightly materialistic =D

#1 Classical chic – CARDIGANS

The weather’s getting cold – wasn’t yesterday minus 19 or something?! – and we really need something more than UBC hoodies to keep us warm. Cardigans keep out the chills without bulking you up. They come in a variety of lengths and colours so there are a lot of rooms to mix and match.

#2 Warm and fluffy – COLOURFUL SCARVES

Scarves can really add a splash of colour to an otherwise dark and dreary winter outfit. And with stalls in the SUB selling so many styles at cheap prices ($8-$15), it’s very tempting to snatch a few!

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