10 Campus Fashion Trends – Fall/Winter ’08

One of the fun part of being on the UBC campus is to be surrounded by some of the best-dressed young people in the city. I would argue that Sauder kids are the snappiest dressers around (*holds up shield*), but we do have a rather unfair advantage over other faculties in our regular mandatory prancing-around-in-suits days. I hope to give you here a brief overview of some of the loveliest fashion trends at UBC right now, with a heavy leaning towards the ladies (sorry fellas!) As you can tell this post is long overdue. Oh and warning: image-heavy and slightly materialistic =D

#1 Classical chic – CARDIGANS

The weather’s getting cold – wasn’t yesterday minus 19 or something?! – and we really need something more than UBC hoodies to keep us warm. Cardigans keep out the chills without bulking you up. They come in a variety of lengths and colours so there are a lot of rooms to mix and match.

#2 Warm and fluffy – COLOURFUL SCARVES

Scarves can really add a splash of colour to an otherwise dark and dreary winter outfit. And with stalls in the SUB selling so many styles at cheap prices ($8-$15), it’s very tempting to snatch a few!

#3 Never sick of… DENIMS

Jeans are ubiquitous around campus. Not much to say here Skinny jeans have hit a popularity peak this year, but I don’t even own a pair… yet. I’m still a bootleg/bell-bottom girl haha. And those slouchy boyfriend jeans? Girl PLEASE, ditch them.

#4 Thinking in squares – PLAID

Plaid has been popularized on the runaway this season. The above gorgeous one-shoulder tartan dress is from Ralph Lauren. See? Plaid can be elegant!

#5 A dash of royalty – PURPLE

Purple is the new blue, and is THE colour of the season. A darker shade of purple is perfect for semi-formal events while a shade leaning towards magenta is casual and cool.

#6 The one must-have – TIGHTS (BLACK AND OTHER COLOURS)

Popularized by the deliciously malicious Queen B Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl, coloured tights are all the rages this season! However, not everyone can pull off a pair of red nylons without looking like a walking fire hydrant. So my advice is to stay with black: simple, safe, and slimming.

#7 Haute, haute, and away – SUEDE & FAUX-LEATHER BOOTS

Invest in a good pair of boots withOUT heels first (I learned this the hard way… heels hurt a LOT of a long day). Who doesn’t love boots?! The only complaint I have against these is that suede + Vancouver rain = GROSSNESS.

#8 Popular but on its way out – UGGS

I think “Uggs” is short for “Uglies”. Sure they’re warm and casual, but they’re hideous and make your feet look like elephant paws!! (Exclamation paws warranted) Seriously, shame on clothing outlets like American Eagle and Bluenote for promoting them.


#9 Channeling the inner ballerina – FLATS

Flats + anything = usually good. Flats + rain = icky. Flats – arch support = pain.

#10 The image of elegance – PEACOATS

Let’s all be preppy! The next time you’re in the Henry Angus building, count how many peacoats you see. Do it. It’s amazing the length that young aspiring business executives will go to look trendy and sophisticated. Then again, these are better than the puffy Michelin-like jackets that make the wearer look three times as big.

Disclaimer: this in no way reflects my personal dress style. Just ask anyone who know me – I either look like I just pulled an allnigther (which I probably did, track suits ftw!) or just came back from work (which I also probably did, yay preppy office causal!)

So there you have it, my observation of what is “in” this season. Making the Honourable Metions are denim shorts over tights, babydolls (on its way out), vibrant colours, and a whole lot of accessories which i’ll make another post about called Accessory Report in the future. Of course, I must cite my sources (goodness me UBC must be so proud of me for promoting materialism… I blame the holiday cheer!)

You can find the above items at

  • Aldo
  • American Eagle
  • Banana Republic
  • Bluenotes
  • Dynamite
  • Forever 21
  • Gap
  • Garage
  • Jacob/Jacob Connexion
  • Old Navy
  • Payless
  • Sears
  • Target
  • Victoria’s Secret

For specific items, right click the image and read the image name (for example, grgcardigan30.jpg means it’s a cardigan from Garage, costing about $30.00)

Happy holidays!

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  1. @Mary
    Uh-oh, can’t wait!! Merry Christmas!

    Haha I should’ve made the GUYS STAY AWAY notice larger. I think I’d be too biased to make a Male Trends post (that sounds weird LOL). I’ll give it a shot =D

  2. Tysune’s interpretation:
    Cardigan… …a mob from FFXI?
    Jeans = w00!
    Yay! Faux-leather! Not dead-cow-strapped-to-feet-leather!
    UGGS. I actually burst out laughing when I read that name. lol.
    Peacoats… …Peacocks? Huh?

    And this is why I wear jeans and hoodies. lol

  3. @Rena – Omg omg one more week til the next GG episode!

    @Irene – Haha if I lived on campus I’d probably show up in class with a heavy coat over… PJs

    @Tysune – LOL I apologize for the exclusivity in language in this post

  4. woah…random link from random link led me here lol
    I disagree with the Uggs bit…when you’re in MINUS 20 TORONTO they’re more than chubby things to make your feet look fat. They stop your toes from freezing off. So yes, very practical ๐Ÿ˜€
    Very good pics though…whee purple!
    <3 SVU

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